Payments as a Service (PaaS)

Integrated payment solutions for the modern ecosystem.


Payment SOlutions for Platforms

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Integrated Payments



Integration API


Easily integrate payments into your platform

Omnichannel payment technology designed for ISV payment processing, software platforms and business management systems. Streamline merchant account creation and deliver payment services functionality from a unified platform for card present EMV, card not present, ACH, and recurring billing transactions.

Power your software platform, facilitate payments for your users, and deliver an exceptional customer experience while avoiding risk, compliance and infrastructure associated with bringing payments in-house… Partner with us and enjoy the brighter side of payments as a service!


Simple. Reliable. Scalable. Payment Services


Modern Payment Technology

We build enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all sizes to accept and process payments.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Process both payment card and ACH transactions through a single API.

Payment Processing

Process both payment card and ACH transactions through a single API.

Integrated Payments

Integrated Payments

A robust yet flexible API that powers a seamless integration of payments for your platform.

Integrated Payments

A robust yet flexible API that powers a seamless integration of payments for your platform.

Payments Simplified

Payment Services Simplified

We help software platforms and ISV’s extend payments to their users without all the hassle of traditional merchant services.

World Class Support

World Class Support for Your Payments Stack

We know how important it is to correspond with a live person. Email or call… our team is ready and willing to assist.

Scalable Technology

Scalable Payment Technology

Integrated | Customized

We are constantly improving our payments stack. By partnering with Zift you can offer your users access to the latest payment technologies, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the changing consumer preferences and business practices. 

Whether you are starting small or have already reached an enterprise level our technology can efficiently scale to meet your payment processing requirements. With regular updates and new feature releases, you can build on Zift with confidence. 

Customized Payment Solutions

API | Developer Support

Our payment solutions can be fully integrated and customized within your system or platform, creating a seamless payment process that can improve the overall user experience for your customers. 

Work with our API to customize a solution to meet the unique needs of your business and offering. Allow your customers to process payments, view transactions, deposit reports, and manage their clients transactions without leaving your platform, making the overall user experience more convenient and streamlined. 

Customized Solutions

Cutting Edge Payments Infrastructure

Integration API

Integrated payments API

Powerful APIs which create numerous integration options you can leverage as part of your payments solution. Consume as much or as little of our API as needed to meet your business needs or get to market strategy. 

Multiple Payment Types

Process Multiple Payment Types

Process credit, debit and ACH transactions all from a single point of integration. No additional applications or onboarding process to enable ACH or EFT transactions. 

Retail Transactions

Retail Transactions

Reduce PCI scope, integrate your POS to our terminal cloud and send transactions to EMV ready terminals directly from your application. Zift terminals also work in standalone mode, allowing you to process transactions directly on the terminals.


Transaction Reporting

Access transaction information and create detailed reports. Gain valuable business insights and see how money is moving through your platform. Give your users the ability to see both sales and deposits data.

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing

Customize any recurring billing model for memberships and subscription-based businesses. Or use your home grown recurring logic and store the card data with us, using our tokens to process transactions.

Merchant Creation

Merchant Creation

Easily create merchants for the users on your platform. Eliminate additional gateways, third parties and lengthy underwriting times. Improve the merchant onboarding experience and start processing transactions sooner.


Payment Tokenization

Store credit card and bank account numbers with our secure tokenization facility. Reduce PCI scope by storing tokens and not card numbers increasing the security level of your business.



A JavaScript library that can be embedded into your payment pages to help you reduce PCI scope and handling of card data. Enjoy increased payment card security by turning your payment forms into hosted payment fields. 

White Label

White Label Payment TEchnology

Customize the payments experience to best meet the needs of your users. White label our platform or talk to us about our branding options and what you can do to look like a payments company without taking on all the liability and compliance. 


Talk to a Payments Expert

Let’s setup a discovery call! Our payments experts are standing by to help you customize a solution that meets the unique needs of your business and offering.