3 Ways Your Clients Benefit From Integrated Payments

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

PCI Security
The companies that depend on your software may or may not know about integrated payment solutions, but they can benefit from payments as a service incorporated into your platform. In fact, just about any business that accepts payments can benefit from integrated payments. When you include integrated merchant services with your software products, you’re helping your clients save time and money while potentially reducing their PCI compliance issues. Think about all the hassles for your end users when they must transfer transactions between platforms, reconcile their non­integrated bank accounts, update their accounting and customer management software and more. By providing them with payments as a service ­­ or, simply PaaS,­­ and the benefits inherent with integrated payment services, you offer them advantages that help them get ahead ­and help you keep them as customers.

End User Benefits From Integrated Payments

When you provide your clients with a single point of integration that joins all their customer information, accounting, payment management and other information resources into a unified system, you can sell them on the following benefits: 1. Cost savings. With fewer employee hours devoted to transaction monitoring, tracking and reporting and greater integration throughout the business, labor hours are reduced. This means overall cost savings for the company, and it’s easy to sell a positive impact on the bottom line. 2. Improved accuracy. There’s little room for human error when transactions travel throughout the company on a single system. There’s no need for redundant entries and no place for calculation mistakes, bad invoices and other inaccuracies caused by manual moving of information when companies have integrated payment systems. 3. Improved forecasting. Deciding what’s been happening and what will happen in the future is difficult when a company’s crucial business statistics are spread around in different machines and systems. When payment processing is integrated into your platform, numbers make more sense with fewer manipulations.

Choose The Right PaaS Solution

If this discussion seems like grand ideas with no actionable advice, you may not know about the latest advancements in payment processing. It’s true that there has been a gap in the marketplace where integrated payments as a service is concerned. But that gap in integrated payment services is closing. If your software platform offers billing management, customer resource management products, inventory management software or other related services, why not offer a complete product by integrating Zift as frictionless payment processing solution, all inside your platform? Your customers need better payment solutions, and you can be in a position to provide what they need when you integrate with Zift. Join forces with us, and let us take your existing third ­party software to a new level. Our PaaS platform can be integrated into your products for the benefit of your customers ­­ and, of course, for your company’s benefit too.