Agreement Express Welcomes New Payments Customer, Zift

AEX software empowers Zift’s PayFac and ISO customers to digitally underwrite and onboard merchants quickly and seamlessly.

Vancouver, B.C. — July 24, 2019 Agreement Express, a leading client onboarding software platform for financial services, announces Zift as its newest customer. Zift is a payments-as-a-service provider company whose tech stack powers software platforms with the ability to seamlessly extend payments to their users; and enterprise corporations to migrate their payments off of legacy technology systems and bring payments in-house on a single technology stack.

“We’re thrilled to bring Zift on board as our customer,” says Peter Fitzpatrick, VP of Payments at Agreement Express. “It was clear from our earliest conversions that Zift was determined to meet a growing market demand —  the need for a turnkey solution that gives payment facilitators and ISOs a seamless and reliable way to quickly underwrite merchant apps, and set up and onboard new merchants. The alignment between our companies’ visions to change the way these processes are done and to deliver exceptional customer experience make working together a natural and exciting step.”

How Zift is using Agreement Express to drive exceptional customer experience

Zift is using Agreement Express to drive growth for payment facilitation clients and ISOs by leveraging the Agreement Express proprietary risk scorecards and digital onboarding capabilities. 

The scorecards allow payfacs and ISOs to assess merchant risk and underwrite merchant applications automatically and in a matter of minutes. This means Zift customers are able to acquire a higher volume of the merchants they want in a shorter amount of time —  and through a seamless, digital process. The AEX platform also allows Zift’s payfac and ISO customers to set up accounts and onboard merchants quickly and digitally. 

“We want to empower our customers to grow in a profitable way by providing relevant and sustainable technology solutions that support their unique needs for payment processing, “ says Marc Roberts, COO & Co-founder of Zift. “The fact is, payment processing is an area of frustration for many merchants. It often takes weeks to set up due to a lengthy underwriting and application process, and merchants often become confused and discouraged with the entire process.  The addition of Agreement Express to our integrated platform allows us to provide a customized and integrated onboarding experience — all of which means increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty to the merchants and software platforms we serve.”


About Agreement Express (AEX)

Agreement Express is the leading client onboarding platform for financial services. The Agreement Express platform allows financial institutions to design and execute consistent automated onboarding experiences across their product offerings and channels while providing deep analytics that enable proactive and personalized client advice.

The platform is the first of its kind to help top-performing firms gather, use, and reuse client data to improve and evolve rich customer experiences. Agreement Express enables financial institutions to provide best-in-class digital onboarding to their clients and grow their business. To learn more about AEX, visit

About Zift

Zift is an enterprise technology company with an emphasis on integrated payments. Zift’s payment technology stack is flexible enough for software platforms and companies of all sizes. All payment methods are facilitated through an API loaded with functional elements that allows developers to create sophisticated payment solutions.

The payment technology stack empowers software platforms  and enterprise corporations with the ability to control payments and easily extend processing capabilities to their users. All of which is done in a secure and compliant environment To learn more about Zift, visit,

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