Nate Hughes
CRO / Co-Founder

Nate Hughes is a veteran in the payments industry with over 23 years experience. Nate began his career in payments at Authorize.net, now owned by Visa and a leading payment gateway. He currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Zift. 
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Marc Roberts
COO / Co-Founder

Marc Roberts is the COO and Co-Founder at Zift. Marc has over 15 years of experience in the payments industry helping businesses optimize payments and software companies embed payments into their platforms.
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Payments as a Service (PaaS) – The Changing Face of Payments

Payments as a Service

Key Takeaways:

Market Demands Simplification: The rise of “Payments as a Service” reflects the market’s desire for streamlined, integrated systems. Consumers and merchants seek an easy-to-use, consolidated payment approach, triggering a shift away from the complex, multi-vendor-based traditional payment processes.
Integrated Services’ Significance: In today’s payment landscape, businesses providing value-added services (SaaS, CRM, inventory management) have an opportunity to offer “Payments as a Service” (PaaS) within their existing offerings. This integration adds significant value by simplifying payment processes for merchants.
Zift’s PaaS Empowerment: Zift offering transforms existing software companies into robust payment facilitators. By integrating Zift’s PaaS, platforms can seamlessly manage and settle payments for their clients, offering a unified solution across various payment channels (MOTO, eComm, Mobile, Retail) with straightforward integration and a hassle-free onboarding process.

The Changing Face of Payments

The world of payments appears to be changing, including what has now been coined “Payments as a Service.” The “old establishment” of acquirers (banks) working with ISOs working with Agent Offices working with feet-on-the-street sales people (MLS) is becoming more and more obsolete. Let’s face it, with the emergence of groups like Square, Stripe, BrainTree and others, the traditional way a consumer makes cashless payments, and the way merchants accept those payments will never be the same.

Simplified Integrated Systems

So, this begs the question, “why is this happening?”

Here’s our simple and unbiased answer…because this is exactly what the market wants, it’s what the consumer is begging for, and on the merchant side, a more simplified, integrated, easy-to-use system can’t come soon enough.

Let me paint the picture this way…

Imagine you have a desire to build the baddest, coolest, most bodacious hot rod in the world. You know what parts you’ll need to make it happen, but instead of being able to get all the parts in a one stop shop location, you have to get the wheels and tires on the East Coast, the engine on the West Coast, the frame and interior in the Midwest, etc. It kind of seems silly, and quite frankly, a waste of time, or at least it would be nice to know it could all be provided from one location.

Consolidating Payment Services

That’s the world of payments today. It makes no sense now days to have to go to one vendor for the merchant account, another for the CRM, another for the gateway, and another for PCI validation. There’s a huge vacancy in the market for those who provide value added services to online and retail businesses. I’m specifically talking to those vendors who provide Software as a Service (SaaS) or a system inside the merchant’s value chain making running their business easier. Those who offer a billing management system, CRM, inventory management, etc. are highly qualified to have one more arrow in their services quiver…Payments as a Service (PaaS).

Zift’s PaaS Integration

Zift has the ability to take an existing 3rd party software company, and turn them into a payments powerhouse! Our PaaS offering makes it possible for a CRM, for example, to offer, manage, and settle payments on behalf of their customers. Couple that with an easy boarding process, super simple integration, all payments in one location (MOTO, eComm, Mobile, Retail), and you’ve got one happy camper!

Speak with a Zift professional today to learn more how you can partner with us and provide our state of the art PaaS platform within your own offering.