Payments for Platforms

Zift is that harmonious place where technology merges with payments. ISV’s, developers, software platforms and CRM’s can infuse Zift’s processing technology into their core business offering, thus creating a simple and seamless user experience.

Reinventing Integrated Payments

The Old Way

Getting your users setup with merchant accounts often took weeks to setup. You have to work with multiple systems and companies, users get confused and often endure a lengthy, cumbersome, underwriting process.

With Zift

Get your users setup with merchant accounts quickly with an automated account configuration process and streamlined onboarding and underwriting. Work with one entity and a single point for your integration, payment processing, and merchant support.

Payment Technology Stack for Software Platforms


Single point of integration for credit card and ACH transactions with Tokenization.

Merchant Creation

Frictionless on-boarding and merchant account creation. Eliminate lengthy underwriting.

Omni Channel

Extend multiple payment options to your users. Card Present and Card Not Present.


Sophisticated recurring revenue management for the subscription economy.

Multiple Payment Types

Process credit, debit and ACH transactions all from a single point of integration.


Detailed insights into transactions and how money is moving through your platform.

Ready To Get Started? 

Customize payments for your platform. Speak with an expert today or request access to our sandbox to start your integration.