Integrated Payments for Platforms

Zift is that harmonious place where technology merges with payment solutions. ISV’s, developers, software platforms and CRM’s can infuse Zift’s payment processing technology into their core business offering, thus creating a simple and seamless user experience.

Reinventing Integrated Payments for Platforms

Merchant Payment Processing

The Old Way

Getting your users set up with merchant accounts can often take weeks. You have to work with multiple systems and companies, which leads to confusion and a lengthy, cumbersome, underwriting process. This outdated approach to merchant onboarding hinders software platforms from realizing their full potential in the fast-paced world of integrated payments.

Fast Merchant Onboarding With Zifts Payments Platform

Get your users set up with merchant accounts quickly with an automated account configuration process and streamlined onboarding and underwriting.

Work with one entity and a single point for your integration, payment processing, and merchant support. Our merchant onboarding solution APIs allow for a smooth implementation and onboarding process into your platform, offering a truly integrated payments experience.

Emerging Payment Technologies Stack for Software Platforms


Seamless | Efficient | Timely

payments for platforms

An integrated payments solution you can embed as part of your platform.

We understand the importance of a timely and accurate integration. Working closely with our technical team to ensure the integration is done efficiently, timely, and correctly.

This collaborative approach guarantees the fastest turnaround time allowing you to deploy payments in your platform with confidence. You can start by reviewing our API documentation that will allow you to process credit and debit card transactions, EMV, and ACH all from a single API, or call us today to review your use cases with one of our integration specialists.

      • Single Point of Integration 
      • PCI Level 1 Compliant 
      • Tokenization
      • EMV Ready

We prioritize the security and compliance of our payments stack for platforms.

Our comprehensive approach to security safeguards your transactions and customer data, mitigating risks and protecting your reputation. Through constant monitoring, encryption protocols, and innovative fraud prevention measures, we stay one step ahead of emerging fraud schemes to keep your business secure.

Protect your business and your customers with our integrated payments for platforms.

      • Data Protection
      • Secure Payment Processing
      • Compliance Management

A Payment Stack Focused on Security and Compliance

Reliable | Protection | Trust

payment platforms

Merchant Creation

Frictionless | Easy | Online Application

payments platform

Allow your merchants to apply online in just minutes with our white label merchant application URL.

We understand the importance of a seamless  onboarding process and configuring your merchants within your platform. By providing a single link to our online application or utilizing our onboarding API, we simplify the entire process, saving you time and effort and letting you avoid the back and forth of various gateways and systems. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth application submission, and our automated system takes care of account setup and configuration.

It means your merchants can get signed up and begin processing payments quickly, focusing on what matters most – growing their business.

      • Automated Merchant Onboarding
      • Auto Configure New Accounts
      • Control Over Account Creation Process
      • Simplified Merchant Pricing

A complete omni-channel payments solution.

With our solution you have the freedom to choose the most suitable payment method for the users of your platform. You can use our hosted payment page or build your own with our proxynization API. We support transactions, in person, online, and over the phone. Whichever method you choose, be assured that our platform is designed to support and streamline your payment processes.

      • Contactless
      • Hosted Payment Page
      • Proxynization API
      • Recurring Billing
      • Direct Debit

Payment Processing Methods

Credit | Debit | ACH

payment platform as a service

EMV Terminals and Soft POS

Contactless | Secure | Up-to-date

payment marketplace

Next-Generation Payment Solutions for Secure Transactions

EMV Terminals and SoftPOS are at the forefront of the payment industry, driving the adoption of emerging payment technologies and fostering innovation in fintech. These cutting-edge solutions revolutionize the payment process, offering advanced security and convenience. With SoftPOS, businesses can turn their smartphones or tablets into secure payment terminals, unlocking the flexibility to accept payments wherever and whenever needed. Our solutions empower businesses to embrace the latest payment technologies, streamline payment processing, and deliver exceptional fintech payment processing services to their valued merchants.

      • Efficient Payment Experience
      • Fraud Prevention
      • Global Acceptance
      • Future-Proof Technology

Don’t feel like building a recurring billing system? No problem, you can leverage our billing API to save time and money.

To enroll customers into a recurring billing cycle and schedule payment plans that enable them to enjoy & benefit from your products/services on a recurring basis. Alternatively, you can leverage our tokenization API to build your own recurring logic without having to store card data. Enjoy the benefits of automating billing cycles, ensuring customer satisfaction, and optimizing your operational efficiency.

      • Recurring Payment Management
      • Support for Unlimited Billing Plan Types
      • Advanced Decline and Receivables Management
      • Innovative Remittance and Payables Management

Billing System

Sophisticated | Simple | Editable

marketplace payment processing

Payments API and Documentation

Integration | Customization | Scalability

integrated payment platform

Streamline integration with comprehensive API documentation.

Our API documentation provides platforms with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate our payment solutions. We offer extensive documentation to guide you through the integration process. Our developer-friendly API provides step-by-step instructions and code samples, making the integration process smooth and efficient. It covers the crucial questions from API endpoints and request/response structures to authentication and error handling.

      • Comprehensive Guideline
      • Operational Efficiency
      • Process Automation
      • Payment Processing

Elevate Your Payment Experience

Our branding services provide you with the tools to customize your payment processes and solutions, allowing you to showcase your distinctive brand identity. Whether it’s personalized payment pages, branded deposit statements, or a branded merchant portal, we ensure a seamless brand experience throughout the entire user journey. With our comprehensive branding solutions, you can establish a strong brand presence, inspire trust among your users, and cultivate loyalty.

      • Establishing Brand Identity
      • Differentiation and Competitive Advantage
      • Trust-building
      • Emotional connection

White Label Payments and Branding

Confidence | Identity | Loyalty

Payments and Branding

Customer Support for Modern Finance

Assistance | Empathy | Feedback

Support for Modern Finance

Our support team is available to assist with any inquiries or issues related to payment processes and software integration.

We understand the importance of emerging payment technologies and the need for reliable fintech merchant services. Whether it’s clarifying payment processing procedures, troubleshooting technical challenges, or providing guidance on utilizing new payment technologies, our customer support team is there every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt, knowledgeable, and personalized support to enable smooth payment processing for merchants.

      • Information and Guidance
      • Relationship Building
      • Providing customers with information

Our advanced remittance engine manages all aspects of merchant funding as well as fee collection.

Our advanced remittance engine handles every aspect of the funding process, ensuring that merchants receive their funds promptly while streamlining fee collection for hassle-free financial management. With support for net or gross deposits, flat rate, or cost-plus pricing, our system accommodates your requirements, allowing you to customize the remittance process based on your business needs.

      • Comprehensive Monthly & Reconciliation Statements
      • Daily Deposit Statements
      • Easy Deposit Reconciliation

Payment Remittance

Daily | Detailed | Consolidated

Payment Remittance


Robust | Thorough| Embeddable


Our reporting API provides full visibility into merchant payment activity and funding.

With daily emailed statements and granular transaction and deposit details, merchants can access in depth payment data that will help them understand what transactions make up their deposits and what fees are being paid. Additionally, our reporting API allows platforms to display merchant deposits, deposit details, and monthly statements all within their own platform, increasing the overall user loyalty and experience. Now merchants can manage all their payment processing needs from within your platform.

      • Show Deposit Details in Your System
      • Deposit Drill Down
      • Merchant Reconciliation
      • Available via UI and API
Our reporting API provides full visibility into merchant payment activity and funding.

Integrated payments for platforms offer a transformative approach to payment processing, enabling businesses to unlock new revenue streams and maximize their revenue potential. With fast merchant onboarding, seamless integration, and advanced payment technologies, platforms can streamline their payment processes and offer a superior payment experience to their users.

By embedding payments, platforms and SaaS companies, can stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on the evolving fintech landscape. The comprehensive suite of services, including branding, customer support, remittance management, and reporting, further enhances the monetization potential of these payment solutions.

Monetizing payments offers platforms a strategic opportunity to:

      • Generate revenue
      • Optimize payment processing
      • Deliver exceptional merchant services

Payment Monetization

ROI | Growth | Strategy

Payment Monetization

Unlock Payment Processing for SaaS

Ready To Get Started?

Customize payments for your platform. Speak with an expert today or request access to our sandbox to start your integration.

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