Reducing PCI Scope

by | May 3, 2016 | Blog

PCI Security

The World of PCI Compliance

Is it really possible for your software company and the clients you serve to be involved in payment processing yet stay out of the PCI scope? Merchants that accept credit cards are subjected to a regular PCI audit if they handle cardholder data, and so are the software companies that provide their payment solutions. But when software companies turn to a third-party payment solution to pass along to their clients, PCI scope may be reduced or eliminated. Could it be time for you to replace the payment module your software company provides with something more robust, more feature rich – and more to the point, something that gets you out of the PCI scope? Could it be time to offer your clients a new solution for the PCI compliance problem? A “payments as a service” or PaaS solution may be just what you need. While not every software company and not every business or merchant can avoid PCI DSS compliance, offering a third-party solution instead of involving yourself in payment processing is a smart way to reduce your PCI scope.

Problems Your Clients Face In Being PCI Compliant

There are a lot of things your clients must consider when dealing with PCI, including these facts:
  • When dealing only with card-not-present transactions, it may be quite easy to convince a PCI auditor that they’re not involved in dealing with cardholder data.
  • When only a single POS system or other front-end system is involved, it’s easier to deal with PCI compliance than when there are many.
  • Web applications are often easier to get out of the PCI scope than desktop software. And legacy solutions created by people no longer with the company are the most complex for your clients to deal with.
  • Companies that need to store cardholder data for recurring payments have additional issues they must deal with if they want to reduce PCI exposure.
  • Software companies that have clients using many different payment service providers have many openings that could lead to PCI compliance issues. A unified payment processing offering makes full compliance simpler.

Make A PCI Security Strategy Easier For Your Clients

If your software company has clients that struggle with PCI compliance but you want to make sure your company stays out the PCI scope, it makes sense to offer your valued clients a sensible and carefully created payment solution. With Zift as your payment backbone you’re turning to a payment processing module from a third-party that already meets PCI compliance requirements. Our card data sanitization services can allow you to offer payment processing capabilities you never offered before or it can replace your old solutions with a single gateway that will meet the needs of all your clients. Worrying about being in the PCI DSS scope is a cause of stress and annoyance for many businesses, but you can be a hero to your clients. You can take this worry off their minds and off their hands while not picking up any additional liability of your own. At Zift, simplifying payment processing and offering our unified solution to the world is what we do. And when you partner with us, it can be part of what you do too.