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Marc Roberts
CEO / Co-Founder

Marc Roberts is the CEO and Co-Founder at Zift. Marc has over 15 years of experience in the payments industry helping businesses optimize payments and software companies embed payments into their platforms.
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6 Pillars of Integrated Payments

by Collin Keating | Jun 14, 2022 | Uncategorized, Collin Keating, Marc Roberts

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Integrated payments with an omni-channel solution can mean different things depending on which company you’re hearing it from.  In our case, Zift has 6 foundational pillars that provide the known and loved payments technology used by hundreds of software companies. These 6 pillars address both, the needs of the software provider and the needs of the merchants utilizing the software while still remaining PCI compliant, innovative, and all-inclusive.

Below, is our take on the 6 items that make up and omni-channel payment solution. 

Credit Card & ACH Processing

Processing credit card and ACH transactions on the Zift platform combines both transaction types into a single deposit with a daily statement for transactional reconciliation. Credit card and ACH deposits are no longer split into two seperate statements.

Easy Automatic Merchant Enrollment

Your merchants can apply online with our custom branded URL or use our merchant creation API to board merchants directly from your platform. Zift hosts one of the fastest and most efficient enrollment process available. Avoid the back and forth of various gateways and systems to onboard and configure your merchants within your platform. With a single link to our online application, your merchants can get signed up and begin processing payments quickly.

White Label Payments & Custom Branding

Our white label solution allows you to process payments with the ability to integrate your company’s logo and colors into our brandable, custom URL’s to create a personalized solution that branded specifically to your platform.

Merchant Overview & Management

With our merchant management portal, you can see granular details of each merchants sales records, manager your merchants per each location, and view detailed statements of their transactions. 

Revenue Sharing and Simple Pricing

Our pricing structure is one of the most simple, yet favorable models available on the payments industry. We have what it costs us to process, you decide what you charge your merchants, and we share the difference 50/50.

Robust Reporting API

Our reporting API is a sophisticated reporting mechanism that enables your platform to display helpful insight to your users transaction and deposit history. With daily emailed statements and granular transaction and deposit details, merchant can access in depth payment data that will help them understand what transactions make up their deposits and what fees are being paid.