Marc Roberts
COO / Co-Founder

Marc Roberts is the COO and Co-Founder at Zift. Marc has over 15 years of experience in the payments industry helping businesses optimize payments and software companies embed payments into their platforms.
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Nate Hughes
CRO / Co-Founder

Nate Hughes is a veteran in the payments industry with over 23 years experience. Nate began his career in payments at Authorize.net, now owned by Visa and a leading payment gateway. He currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Zift. 
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Elevate Your Business with Custom White-Label Payment Solutions

Key Takeaways:

  • Customizing your payment platform with Zift’s white-label gateway technology can significantly enhance your business’s bottom line, ROI, and customer experience, fostering sustainable growth and market strength.
  • Zift’s advanced payment gateway solutions offer robust security, compliance with PCI DSS, and a variety of payment options, ensuring secure, efficient transactions and expanded market reach.
  • Investing in a white-label payment solution like Zift enables scalable and adaptable payment processing, allowing businesses to evolve with changing market demands and regulatory environments.
  • Zift’s comprehensive suite of white-label payment services, including competitive pricing, extensive global reach, and robust security features, positions businesses for competitive advantage with minimal upfront investment.
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If your payment processing partner is letting you down with surprise fees and subpar services, it’s time to change. Zift understands the value of transparency and reliability in payment processing. That’s why our advanced white-label gateway technology is designed to empower your business. With Zift, you can confidently offer your own branded payment services with clear-cut pricing and robust support.

White Label Your Payment Platform

Customizing your payment platform profoundly impacts your business’s bottom line, ROI, and customer experience — three critical aspects that lead to sustainable growth and market strength.

Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI)

Custom payment solutions are designed to align with your specific business model, optimizing your operational efficiency. When payment processing is tailored to your needs, it eliminates extraneous costs associated with one-size-fits-all services. You pay for what you use and need, which means a cost-effective system without unnecessary fees. This level of efficiency and cost savings directly translates into a higher ROI.

Improved Bottom Line

Customized payment gateways often provide comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, giving insights into transaction volumes, success rates, and user behavior. Such data allows you to pinpoint areas for cost reduction and identify opportunities to streamline payment processes further. In addition, by offering a variety of payment methods tailored to your customer demographics, you can enhance sales conversions, leading to a healthier bottom line. Reduced gateway fees and intelligent routing also mean more revenue per transaction.

Superior Customer Experience

A payment gateway that reflects your brand’s user interface and experience can significantly enhance customer trust and satisfaction. Customizability means that the checkout process is smooth, intuitive, and familiar — reducing cart abandonment and fostering customer loyalty. Tailoring your payment systems to include preferred local payment methods and currencies can also broaden your market reach and make your services more accessible and appealing to a diverse audience.

Consistency Across Channels

In an omnichannel world, customers interact with your brand in various ways. A customized payment platform can ensure consistency across all these channels, whether it be mobile, online, or in-store. This seamless experience, where customers enjoy the same level of service and operability regardless of how they engage, reinforces your brand’s reliability and can significantly enhance customer retention.

Adaptive and Scalable

Custom payment platforms are scalable and adaptable, meaning they can grow and evolve with your business. As you expand into new markets or adapt to changing regulations, a customized payment gateway can be modified to meet these new requirements without disrupting existing operations. This adaptability secures your investment and assures longevity and relevance in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Therefore, investing in a customized payment platform is not merely a matter of enhancing the checkout process; it’s a strategic decision that influences your entire business ecosystem, driving higher returns, solidifying your market presence, and serving your customers more effectively.

Launch your own branded payment gateway to deliver cost-effective, transparent, and straightforward payment solutions to your clientele. Utilize Zift’s cutting-edge technology that flawlessly dovetails with your existing systems to help you offer exceptional payment services.

Streamline Payments with Confidence

benefits of integrated payment processing

Streamlining your payment processes isn’t just about adding convenience; it’s about instilling confidence in every transaction for your business and customers. With the adoption of white-label payment solutions, businesses can circumvent the often complex, resource-intensive processes associated with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. These solutions come pre-equipped to meet stringent data security standards, which are hosted within a secure and robustly maintained environment, reducing the liability on your business, cost, and the intensive oversight typically required.

Expand Your Brand with White Label Card Solutions

A white-label gateway supports direct debit (ACH), credit card processing and bespoke services that let customers transact effortlessly on their websites, over the phone or in person. Lean into an identity that resonates with your brand while enjoying greater security and advanced features.

The Full Spectrum of White Label Payment Benefits:

  • Operate under your brand with devoted account support.
  • Enjoy competitive pricing far below generic payment gateway service fees.
  • Broaden your offerings with new acquirers and card brands.
  • Collaborate with our developers for tailored payment logic.
  • Offer a comprehensive suite of payment methods, from traditional cards to digital wallets.
  • Benefit from custom-branded statements and API documentation.

For transparent pricing and a demonstration of what Zift can do for you, reach out today. We’re ready to elevate your business.

Gain a Competitive Edge With Minimal Upfront Investment

api documentation

Having a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market often hinges on scalability and flexibility within your business operations, especially concerning payment processing. Beginning your journey with a hosted white-label solution provides a solid foundation, allowing you to manage and process payments under your brand without the need for substantial upfront investment in infrastructure.

This approach means that smaller businesses or those just stepping into the realm of providing payment services can hit the ground running. Companies can leverage comprehensive infrastructure that simplifies integration with existing systems and offers a turnkey solution that aligns with their brand aesthetic and value proposition.

The true potential, however, lies in the ability to grow and upscale when necessary. As your business expands, you might need even more control over your payment processing capabilities. With a scalable white-label solution, the transition from a hosted service to your licensed instance becomes a manageable evolution rather than a daunting overhaul.

Scalable solutions providers understand this journey and stand ready to facilitate your growth every step of the way. They support you in data migration when moving to a self-hosted environment, ensuring that customer data and transaction histories are preserved and transferred securely. Continuity is key, and advanced solutions offer the assurance that your business operations will continue without interruption or loss of data integrity.

What Makes Zift White Label Solutions Different

  • Payment request invoicing features, initiated from the UI or API.
  • Competitive Pricing: Attractive rates for merchant services.
  • Customizable and Brandable Platform: Tailor the system to fit your unique business requirements.
  • Robust Security and Insightful Reporting: Top-notch security measures with advanced analytics and reporting tools.
  • Expansive Payment Options: Over 450 payment methods to support cross-border expansion.
  • Flexible API: Numerous integration options for various checkout experiences.
  • Transaction Control: Maintain granular command over each transaction.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Complete adherence to PCI DSS security requirements.
  • Support and Ease of Onboarding: Accessible customer support and streamlined onboarding process.
  • Extensive Global Reach: Support for transactions in 170+ countries.
  • Recurring Billing Features: Simplified, fee-free recurring billing services.
  • Real-time Operational Monitoring: Immediate oversight for transaction flows.

With Zift’s white-label offering, you can process direct debit (ACH), credit/debit cards and support advanced features like tokenization, secure payment pages, and cloud POS terminal technologies. Trusted by leading organizations, our solution is customizable to fit your unique needs, including card-present solutions and remote key loading mechanisms.

Elevate your business with a payment gateway that truly belongs to your brand. Explore Zift’s white-label opportunities today.

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