Marc Roberts
COO / Co-Founder

Marc Roberts is the COO and Co-Founder at Zift. Marc has over 15 years of experience in the payments industry helping businesses optimize payments and software companies embed payments into their platforms.
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Nate Hughes
CRO / Co-Founder

Nate Hughes is a veteran in the payments industry with over 23 years experience. Nate began his career in payments at Authorize.net, now owned by Visa and a leading payment gateway. He currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Zift. 
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Hosted Payment Pages

Integrated Payments

Key Takeaways:

Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages Benefits: Effortlessly initiate credit card and ACH payments without intricate API development, saving time, budget, and resources. Customizable, reducing PCI scope and integration complexity, ready within hours of signup for a seamless payment experience.
Customization and Integration Advantages: Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages offer extensive customization, enabling flexible form arrangements, mobile compliance, video embedding, and upsell links. Adaptable to diverse business needs, the pages integrate seamlessly, offering a tailored payment experience aligned with your environment.

Easily Start Accepting Payments

One of the quickest ways to start accepting credit cards and ACH payments is by using Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages. Hosted Payment Pages allow you to process credit card and ACH transactions without the traditional API development. All it takes is one call from your system to ours to display the Payment Page. Also see: Why Use Zift Hosted Payment Pages?

How Hosted Payment Pages Can Help Your Business

  • Saving time, budget and resources for traditional API development.
  • Reduce PCI scope.
  • Reduce integration complexity.
  • Customizable to look/feel just like your current website or application.
  • Ready for processing within hours of signup.

Additional Benefits & Customization

Users also have the option to notify other systems of the transaction event. Unlike many other gateway products that require periodic/scheduled queries of their system to get transaction event information, the payment page will notify you of transactions as they happen through the use of our notify  URL parameter.

The appearance of the pages can be customized to suit almost any display requirement. Most gateway providers only allow you to change a few display attributes such as company logo. Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages allows you to customize the entire form. You can even reference a style sheet (css) from your site which will allow you to mold your checkout page without having to update files in your merchant account on our system. There are minimum requirements for field names and URLs otherwise, it is a blank canvas to create any page you need.

Enhanced Payment Experience

Here are just a few ways you can customize your Hosted Payment Page:
  • Arrange the form any way you like
  • Customize form validation
  • Make your page mobile compliant
  • Embed videos
  • Link together in an upsell sequence
  • And much much more

Whatever your businesses needs are Zift Hosted Payment Pages will be able to adjust to function seamlessly with your environment.

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